For over forty years, Harvey Bennett has been one of the most respected philatelic auctioneers in both the United States and abroad. He has conducted nearly 300 auctions via his auction houses in the United States as Matthew Bennett International, in Switzerland as HA Harmers SA and in Hong Kong as Zurich Asia, and has created award-winning catalogues for some of the most important collectors of stamps, postal history and historical documents. Some of the names of these esteemed collectors include:

  • Ed and Jean Siskin: Colonial Postal History
  • Frederick Mayer: 5¢ Stamp of 1856
  • Margie Faiman: St. Louis Bears
  • Kenneth Lawrence: Historical Documents and Autographs
  • Guido Craveri: U.S. 1847 Postal History
  • Alan Steinhart: Early Canada Postal History
  • The Smithsonian National Postal Museum: De-Accessioned Revenue Stamps
  • Sven-Eric and Anna-Lisa Beckeman: Rarities of Shanghai and Imperial China

In 2013, after more than six decades in the auction industry, Harvey Bennett started out on a new mission: to give one-on-one advice and assistance to collectors as they build, maintain and edit their holdings and, when the time comes, to help them realize the maximum potential value of their assets. To learn more of the services offered to make your hobby an enjoyable and stress-free endeavor, see Our Services.

Harvey Bennett can be reached at or 207-384-4075