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Philippines, The Gold Medal Exhibit Formed by Edward Lettick, the Development of Air Mail in the Philippine Islands— the Early Years — 1919-1935, an eight frame exhibit, comprising 126 different covers, most covering all aspects of Philippine Aero philately in this time period, including (from the exhibit title page): "The exhibit includes: Ruth Law's 1919 Flights; Glidden Around the World Aerial Derby Leaflet; F. de Pinedo's Flights; Madrid-Manila and Internal Flights; Fernando Rein Flights; British Royal Squadron Flights; Major Chichester Flights; Wolfgang von Granau Flight; French Air Service to Europe; U.S. Army Air Mail Flights; Experimental Flights; The Commercial Flight; The First Contract Air Mail; Pioneer and Emergency Flight; First Flight to Tokyo under Commonwealth Status and the Arrival of the China Clipper on November 29, 1935, plus another 19 covers on exhibition pages, most of which are not in the exhibit. The exhibit won numerous awards, including six different golds. A marvelous collection that would take decades to duplicate.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000
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Philippines, Back Up Hoard from the Lettick Exhibit, over 400 covers, covering much the same areas as in the exhibit that did not fit in the exhibit, mostly different frankings, duplicates, etc. There are some better covers throughout including a Ruth Law 1919 flight (a bit tatty but acceptable), nice small group of major Chichester flight, etc. Generally F-VF and enough here for a good head start on another exhibit.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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